The origins


For the Piazza family, wine has played an important role. The vineyard has been a long labor of love and artistry.  By the 1930s (just 10 years after the importation of Merlot), Riccardo Piazza began the cultivation of the vine, planting his first rows of Merlot.


The company, in addition to wine, also produced the first quality Burley tobacco intended for sale, as well as caring for and breeding livestock (sheep, cattle, pigs, and poultry).


During the period of the second world war, the region was given to the SAC zone.  From that moment, the production of cereals began and everything derived from the area went to supply the army stores.


In 1949, the Viticulturists Federation of Italian Switzerland was established (Now Federviti del Luganese) where Riccardo Piazza was a founding member.


Winemaking for him became a challenge that he welcomed by transforming difficulties into opportunities. In fact, in the 1950s he received his first award for his wines. He received prestigious awards from the national territory and nearby Italy. In 1968, Riccardo was named the Grand Cupbearer of Nappo in the order of the Grancoppieri. Later in 1972, he was named the knight of honor of Asti and Monferrato.  He was able to give his virtue and quality to his Ticino wines.


With the death of Riccardo in 1981, the wine production was limited to family consumption alone.


In the 1980s, Augusto Piazza planted a new vineyard in contrast with the rest of Ticino.  Instead of planting Merlot, he decided to grow Pinot Noir.  It was not an easy choice, given the difficult management of that grape variety; however, over the years it has proven to produce innovative and original products (La Castellanza pinot noir barricato, Stravaganza metodo champenois).


In 2000, thanks to the work of Giordano (third generation), the vineyard was expanded. Given the increasing quantity, the vinification could no longer take place in Dino.  The restricted spaces did not allow optimal work, so the production was moved. The production was first taken to Cagiallo, then to Balerna, and finally to the renewed cellar in Dino, right next to the vineyard.


In 2015, a decision was made to further increase Merlot production in Dino.  It was then that the entire production was completed in a single space, providing a truly local wine.


Today, the winery offers a limited production, but is constantly increasing quality (as demonstrated by the awards obtained in recent years).  We present to you a high quality product that contains more than 80 years of history and knowledge.


Buying our wine not only means supporting the products of our territory, but also having a product made with passion, ambition, and attention to every detail.