VinI Piazza – THE BEST FROM OUR LAND to you

Our strengths:

The Celler

The Vineyard

The Wine

Artisanal Approach

Annually we produce around 3,000 bottles of wine; therefore, our wine is a niche product. We pride ourselves on being local and we work exclusively with small distributors.  We care for our grapes and pay special attention to every detail from the vine to the bottle. Our dedication will amaze even the most refined palate.

Optimal Exposure

Our vineyard enjoys a privileged position. It lies on a fertile plain in Dino, with 8,000 square meters of sunny vines, surrounded by nature, and dominated by the limestone formation of “Denti della Vecchia.”


Exclusive Wines

With a varied range of wines, you will be able to appreciate our quality products offered at competitive prices.  We offer: the classic local white or red, White Merlot and Red Merlot, Pinot, assemblages of Merlot and Pinot refined in oak barrels, and a sparkling wine created in Method Champenoise. We have flavors to fit every occasion and taste.  


CHF 18.00
Trii Sol
CHF 24.00
CHF 27.00
CHF 20.00